Enjoy these cutting edge health insights

The 2016 Food Revolution Summit Gave Us the Tools to Survive and Thrive!

Day 1

Dr. Michael Greger told us about affordable (and delicious!) super foods for health breakthroughs. Dr. Christiane Northrup gave us a stunningly beautiful vision of how to move through the years with expanding vitality, joy, and wisdom. And Dr. Mimi Guarneri shared profound insights about what the power of attitudes and love, combined with healthy diet, to shape your destiny.

Day 2

Dr. David Perlmutter wow’d us with mind-boggling breakthrough research into the new science of the microbiome. Your gut and your brain are far more connected than you think! Dr. Daniel Amen shared profound insights into how to nurture brainhealth for optimal memory, function, and wellbeing (you can do it!). And Dr.Ritamarie Loscalzo gave tangible advise, born out of decades of clinical practice, to help your heal your gut and care for your well-being.

Day 3

Andrew Kimbrell opened with riveting insights into genetically engineered foods, and the biotech industry’s efforts to dominate the global food supply. Vani Hari gave us a profound look at how to protect yourself and your loved ones from toxic food. And Robyn O’Brien shared some disturbing information about what’s happening to the health of our kids –and some empowering insights on what we can do about it!

Day 4

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, offered penetrating insights into exactly what foods to eat to achieve optimum nutritional excellence. Then we heard from Dr. Mark Hyman on the science of nutrition and how to take advantage of the best elements of paleo and vegan diets. And Dr. Neal Barnard shared breakthroughs in scientific understanding of how to not only prevent disease, but also to expand vitality and joy.

Day 5

Cory Booker shared his brilliant vision for a thriving food future. Ron Finley, the Dzgangsta gardenerdz, offered his penetrating insights and hopeful story of urban community transformation. And Dr. Jane Goodall, one of the most influential primatologists and anthropologists in world history, shared how food impacts humans, animals, and the planet.

Day 6

Dr. David Katz shared the rapidly developing consensus, in the scientific community, about the optimal diet for human beings. Then Dr. Michael Klaper gave some inspiring insights on the results of his 40 years of clinical experience making food the core of his medical practice. And finally, we heard from Dr. Marion Nestle on her incredible work standing up to big soda, and taking leadership for public health.

Day 7

Gene Baur explained why compassion is good for you. Ronnie Cummins shared an incredible vision for how agriculture could reverse climate change. And Dr. Vandana Shiva illumined the immense and global impact of your food choices.

Day 8

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson gave us some absolutely stunning insights into the neuroscience of weight loss. Chris Wark told his incredible story of healing from cancer and discovering his life purpose. And Dr. Dean Ornish shared the four pillars that make up the FIRST lifestyle-based approach to heart disease treatment that’s ever been covered by Medicare.

Day 9

John and Ocean Robbins delivered a from-the-heart summit finale designed to help you put it all into action. They addressed how to reach friends and family who don’t think like you do, and many of the most controversial topics that came up in the summit.

What if You Could Heal Your Body
with the Most Simple Daily Ritual of Your Life? Food.

There are two things you need to begin.

  • You need the right information about the connection between food and wellness.

  • You need the empowerment to take this journey into increasing your health and vitality.

Do you remember how you felt as a child? Did you feel light and energized? Did you sleep deeply every night, and skip through your days with mountains of energy? Did your body heal quickly from every scrape or sickness?

What if we told you that tremendous wellness and energy — the kind many people experience in childhood — is still available to you as an adult? And that the cornerstone of a healthy life starts with what you put in your mouth?

Your body wants to heal. Your spirit wants to live in a body of pure vitality that is properly nourished for your optimal sleep, performance, energy, libido, strength and vigor--- at every age, no matter how old you are.

And it’s possible!

With the insights you’ll gain from these globally celebrated health and wellness experts, you’ll be able to reclaim an ageless body. You’ll be able to step towards a body that shines, radiates, and heals itself.

Plus, when you download the empowerment package, you’ll be able to share it with your loved ones who need this information on their journey to wellness.

This is where your transformation starts. This is where you take back your health and your life!

And We’re Here to Help You Succeed!

The Food Revolution Summit was FREE of charge for everyone! BUT IF:

  • You want lifetime access to all the interviews, including any you may have missed, so you can enjoy having the motivation and support when you need it most, on your journey to greater health.

  • You want the on-going inspiration to really commit to healthy changes in your life, and finally see the results you’ve always wanted…

  • You want to keep increasing your vitality (and experience healing at the cellular level) while deepening your resolve to eat healthfully.

  • You want to be able to listen to the speakers again and again for ongoing inspiration and support on your health journey.

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  • Bonuses Include: Private customers-only Q & A based group coaching call with John and Ocean Robbins and nutrition expert Michael Greger, M.D.
  • Lifetime access to Ocean Robbins’ top post-interview reflections and takeaways.

Our 60-Day Money Back
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Imagine being able to soak up this gamechanging wisdom in the kitchen, in the car, in the living room, while exercising... any time or place you like.

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We have a toxic food culture.

toxic-logoThe likelihood in your lifetime that you or someone you know will suffer from a food-related health issue like cancer, heart-disease, type 2 diabetes, allergies, or Alzheimer’s is extremely high.

An estimated 2/3 of our chronic ailments (even aches, pains, digestive issues, memory loss, and focus problems) are being fueled by diets and lifestyles that most people think are “normal.” And it’s getting worse each year.

Even so-called natural food is contaminated with neurotoxic pesticides, hormones, GMOs, and a whole onslaught of deadly chemicals. And the great deception is that packages on our grocery aisles still claim these food are “natural”! As if that means safe. Hardly.

Make no mistake, toxic food can injure you, or even outright kill you in the long run.

A greater portion of humanity — possibly even your friends and family — is living with chronic illness and disability than at any time in human history.

Rates of cancer, food allergies, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes are skyrocketing out of control, and are more common that at any time in history.

Understand this:

Scientists have discovered that sugar is more addictive and more toxic than most of us ever imagined. And it’s regularly added to more than three-quarters of the foods sold in the United States.

Conventional farmers spray chemicals to kill bugs, then spray more chemicals to kill weeds, and then add chemicals to the soil… and we don’t require any labels!

But if a farmer wants to use an organic sticker, they have to pay a bunch of money, and fill out loads of paperwork, just to prove they didn’t use chemicals. And then you pay twice the price at the checkout counter.

Doesn’t that seem backwards? It’s like being fined to wear your seatbelt!

All of life is on the line. Our planet’s climate is in serious trouble, and it’s been proven that industrialized agriculture is the biggest driving force, yet it hardly makes the news.

A third of the commercial honeybee colonies in the United States died in one winter. Parts of Europe have already banned the dangerous chemicals that threaten pollinators—but not the U.S., where the very future of pollination-based agriculture is at risk. Ultimately, that means much of the world’s food supply.

While millions of people are moving from fad diet to fad diet, the pounds keep piling up, the planet keeps getting sicker, and medical spending keeps increasing. Hefty health care costs are forced on families as we try to cure diseases we should spend more time preventing.

Meanwhile, Monsanto and Pepsi have teamed up, trying to deal a death blow to mandatory GMO labeling efforts in the United States. Who does that benefit? Certainly not me or you.

A few companies like these are pocketing billions of dollars, and they’re piling on the campaign donations to make sure that government doesn’t upset their profits. Who pays for that? You do. We do. In government subsidies paid to promote and continue this sick way of life.

That’s why we’re so glad that you’re one of millions of people who are rising up, with us, and saying:

Enough is enough!


You CAN stand up to toxic food and CHOOSE HEALTH over the misery most people think is normal.

The truth is that delicious and healthful food can help you thrive AND be good for the world, too.

With the Empowerment Package, you’ll get it all.

You get cutting edge insights to transform your life, potent breakthrough strategies to influence friends and loved ones, and tools to stand up to toxic food and stand
for your health and your planet.


This is NOT for you if:

  • You think your health is exclusively a result of genetics.
  • You’re willing to suffer the aches and pains that go along with being addicted to unhealthy food.
  • You want to stay confused about what to eat.
  • You don’t mind having GMOs unlabeled and in 75% of the foods on the supermarket shelves in the United States.
  • You want to yo-yo from fad diet to fad diet.
  • You have no problem with McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Monsanto pulling the strings in government food policy.

But if you’re fed up with the status quo, and ready to make a change…

The fact that you are reading this means you care not only about your own health but the health of those around you and the world in general.

As you can see, we lined up an amazing panel of the world’s leading experts to help educate, guide, and entertain you on your journey to a healthier you and a healthier world. And we want to make sure you get the MAXIMUM benefit from this unique opportunity.

Another life changed by the food revolution:

ales-testi-kari-z-newThe Food Revolution Summit gave me
the information, inspiration, and
motivation I needed.

The constant pain that I had endured for over 22 months disappeared, and now I am on a new career path and will soon be a health coach. You helped me realize that I could heal myself with food and inspired me to share that information with others. You have changed my life, and I am just getting started.

— Kari Zimmerman, Madison, WI



Get Your Questions about Food
and Health Answered 

With John Robbins, Ocean Robbins, and Nutrition Expert Michael Greger, MD

Join John, Ocean, and Dr. Greger for an inspiring group coaching Q&A call designed to help take action on what you will learn during the Food Revolution Summit. Ask your burning questions, get top tips, and 

connect with fellow food revolutionaries, and receive support where you need it most.

You’ll be able to join in live from 9:30-11 am Pacific Time on June 4, or to submit questions in advance and enjoy the replay any time you like.

Mark your calendar now!


Top Ten Cancer-Fighting
Super Foods

From Ocean and John Robbins

Did you know that certain foods help to prevent and perhaps even reverse cancer?

Find out what they are, and how to put them to work in your life! Plus, get delicious recipes made using these foods.


Top Ten Anti-Aging Super Foods

From Ocean and John Robbins 

Why is it some people look ten years younger than they are, while others look ten years older?

Find out which foods can help you look younger, prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and degenerative illness – while adding years to your life and life to your years. Some of these foods might surprise you!


Real Food Action Guide:
Restore Your Health and Save
the Planet

From Ocean and John Robbins

Information is great, but it won’t help you if you don’t put it into inspired action.

This Action Guide if your ticket to on-going healthy success after the summit! It includes a handy two-page food fact sheet with some critical must-have facts (all of them fully documented from credible sources), action steps you can take, and John and Ocean Robbins in an inspiring and galvanizing conversation.


Brain Revitalizing Actions &
Improving Neurotransmitters
(BRAIN) Health Program

From Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo — Value: $297

Want to enjoy optimum focus, memory, and mood?

BRAIN is a step-by-step, self-paced program that offers you a clear picture of your brain health — and exactly what to do to optimize it. Each part of your brain and nervous system has a unique function, and all the parts need to work together for you...

This program offers simple strategies to optimize your brain function, stabilize moods, and increase memory and focus. ​​

You’ll get a score for your brain health, education on how the major parts of your brain work, and information about conditions that could indicate brain-chemistry imbalances, such as sluggishness, anxiety, brain fog, depression, and memory loss.

You’ll also learn which foods, nutrients, and herbs are most important for restoring and maintaining optimum brain functions. And you’ll get an action plan to boost your brain and nourish your neurotransmitters to give you a head start on health.


Five Phases: The Nature of Your
Health Audio Course

From LearningHerbs — Value: $97

There are some mighty healers that grow all around us that you should know about. You might have heard that Hawthorne lowers blood pressure. Willow relieves arthritis. Dandelion supports the liver. So how do you take specific herbs for specific goals?

The Five Phases philosophy, a system from traditional Chinese Medicine, teaches that good health is found by living in harmony with the seasons.

In this 10-part audio series, instructor Larken Bunce begins by introducing the basic philosophy of the Five Phases, and then takes you through the five elements of the Five Phases system.

With each element, she shares practical ways to support the water, wood, fire, earth, or metal in your life including lifestyle habits, food choices, and herbs.

Through this series, you’ll learn more about your gifts, your challenges, and ways to understand how your personal health can be influenced through the Five Phases.


Essential Cuisine Raw Foods
(Basics & Entrees)

From Chef Teton — Value: $97

If you really want to look and feel your best
at any age, then knowing what to eat and how to prepare it is the real magic. Nourish your body
in a way that your cells love... with raw, living foods.

In the Essential Cuisine Raw Foods (Basics & Entrees) online course, Chef Susan Teton Campbell teaches everything you need to know to begin eating
more nutritious and delicious raw foods.

Yes, preparing raw food can be easy, but it takes learning some new techniques.

Once you see how it’s done in Chef Teton’s videos, you’ll be able to soak, sprout, and blend nuts, seeds, veggies, and legumes, so you can create nut milks, seed cheeses, sauces, dressings, crackers, luscious desserts, and more.


Dessert Plantz eCookbook

By Plant-Based Katie Mae — Value: $10

It’s always a good time for chocolate! Learn how to make delicious desserts that are also nutritious!

The Dessert Plantz eCookbook offers 60+ recipes that are whole food, plant-based, and free of extracted oil, refined sugar, and gluten.

Katie Mae is the founder and culinary coach of Plantz St. Culinary Gym, and author of the Plantz eCookbook series. She also teaches at TrueNorth Health and Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center.

She created this e-cookbook to give you a way to celebrate with desserts that are nourishing to your body.

Now you can joyfully avoid the overeating, weight-gain, sugar crashes, and food comas that come with traditional treats.

Let's eat like we matter… AND let's make it delicious!


Crazy Sexy Kitchen Toolkit

From Kris Carr — Value: $50

Kris’ book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is a jaw dropping-ly delicious veggie manifesto for gourmands and novices alike – filled with inspiration, education, and cooking tips – plus more than 150 nourishing, plant-passionate recipes to help you lose weight, feel great, and get your sexy on!


PCRM Kickstart Plus Program

From Neal Barnard, M.D — Value: $60

Kickstart Plus is a special 12-month online program from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Each month, you'll receive a message that includes recipes that are delicious,

Kickstart Plus is a special 12-month online program from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Each month, you'll receive a message that includes recipes that are delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare, nutritional information, videos, and other tips to help you adopt and thrive on a healthy, plant-based diet.

This program, led by Dr. Neal Barnard and his team of nutrition experts, includes: informative nutrition videos; step-by-step cooking demonstrations from award-winning chefs; helpful kitchen tips; and resources for nutrition information, recipes, classes, and more. Sleep better, feel better, and be happy and strong!


Feel Good, Look Good Secrets
for the Woman Over 35:
A 90+ minute Webjam + ebook

From Dr. Anna Cabecca — Value: $47

Dr. Anna Cabeca explains why you might be feeling fat, fatigued, and frumpy, and how to feel fabulous again! In this 90+ minute webjam and 57-page ebook, you’ll…

discover why you might be feeling fat, fatigued, and frumpy, and how to feel fabulous again!

• 5 obstacles to achieving optimal health

• The TRUE underlying causes behind your symptoms

• How conventional treatments for these symptoms often mask the problems rather than fix them

• The most common type of hormonal imbalance that she sees in her practice every day, and how to identify if you have it

• 7 ways to balance your hormones to lose the moodiness, clear your brain, and have more energy

• 6 steps you can take right now to make an immediate impact on how you feel


The Secrets of Eating
Psychology Audio Guide

From Marc David — Value: $127

In this 90-minute information packed audio download, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, delivers cutting edge tools and distinctions that can forever transform your relationship

In this 90-minute information packed audio download, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, delivers cutting edge tools and distinctions that can forever transform your relationship

You’ll learn fascinating insights that can help you take a big leap forward with weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, and nutrition related health concerns that have an emotional component such as digestion, immunity, fatigue, mood, and more.

You’ll learn a positive and uplifting approach that’ll leave you seeing your relationship with food and body in a whole new light.


13 Steps To A Cancer Free Kitchen

From Gina Bonanno-Lemos — Value: $15

One in 2 adults will now receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

And cancer may be lurking in your kitchen, in some of the most surprising places. Even non-food items have the ability to turn your favorite meal into a lethal weapon, making you a target for one of the most feared and deadly diseases in the world.

The ebook, 13 Steps To A Cancer Free Kitchen, provides you with a concise guide for discovering hidden and unsuspected carcinogens.

You'll find out how to easily avoid and eliminate these unknown dangers by substituting non-toxic alternatives.

You'll also discover the secret, disease-fighting items that you probably have in your kitchen at this very moment, so you can put these weapons to work immediately, to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Winter of Wellness 2016 Telesummit Optimal Wellness Kit Upgrade Package

From The Shift Network — Value: $500

The 2016 Optimal Wellness Collection is a vital tool on your path to health, healing, and wellbeing. These powerful recordings will support you in becoming the healthiest, most empowered, radiant version of yourself.

The 2016 Optimal Wellness Collection is a vital tool on your path to health, healing, and wellbeing. These powerful recordings will support you in becoming the healthiest, most empowered, radiant version of yourself.

You’ll receive insights, tools, and resources from 40 of today’s leading doctors, healers, and wellness experts.

This potent series of presentations took place January-March, 2016, and you’ll get access to the entire collection of recordings and transcripts instantly and for life — to keep you and your family motivated and on track for the entire year and beyond.


Jump Start Your Urban Farm: Learn How to Start Growing Your Own Food

From Urban Farm U — Value: $97

This online course consists of five 1.5-hour class sessions taught by urban farming/permaculture expert Greg Peterson, who has been growing food in his front and back yard for over 4 decades.

With Greg’s step-by-step guidance it won’t be long before you’re cultivating your own edible yard. Ready to join this growing revolution?

This online course consists of five 1.5-hour class sessions taught by urban farming/permaculture expert Greg Peterson, who has been growing food in his front and back yard for over 4 decades.

With Greg’s step-by-step guidance it won’t be long before you’re cultivating your own edible yard. Ready to join this growing revolution?

  • The powerful distinction between “regenerative” and “sustainable”
  • The 3 essential steps to becoming an urban farmer
  • How to use permaculture principles to examine your space and plan your urban farm or garden
  • Why growing your own food is one of the most revolutionary ways to change the world
  • Plus, you’ll gain access to a members-only  Facebook page where you can share your progress and get help from Greg and other members of the Urban Farm community


True North Niche Clarity Training
Course for Entrepreneurs

From Sage Lavine — Value: $697 + $600 of bonuses!

Want to create a career niche in the food revolution?

This training with renowned social entrepreneurship leader Sage Lavine will help you identify the group of people who most want what you have to offer, so you can align with an authentic and lucrative niche that is a “true north” for you… total resonance.


Social Entrepreneur
Empowerment Package

From Ryan Eliason — Value: $197 + $600 worth of bonuses!

Ryan Eliason, who founded the non-profit Youth for Environmental Sanity with Ocean Robbins when the two of them were teenagers in 1990, has spent more than two decades empowering social entrepreneurs to

leverage business for healthy people and a healthy planet. In this popular program, Ryan offers downloadable interviews with 41 of the world’s top social change leaders and conscious entrepreneurs.

These leaders share the inside story on how they grew organizations that combined people, planet, and profits. You will gain the mindset shifts and tangible business skills needed to grow your income and make a real positive impact. This package also includes its own HUGE collection of bonus gifts worth more than $600!



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Our 60-Day Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee

Take up to 60 days to make use of the entire Empowerment Package.

We guarantee that you and your family will:


  • Have the tools and information to improve your health right away.
  • Eat better and enjoy more vitality.
  • Feel empowered to know the truth about the food you eat.

Your satisfaction is important to us! If for some reason you aren’t 100% thrilled with your purchase, you have 60 days to request a prompt total refund. Just email us at [email protected] or phone us at (831) 824-4779. You can also hit reply to any email we send you with your request.

If for any reason you request a refund, the entire Empowerment Package, with all the downloads, is still yours to keep. That’s why we call our guarantee “risk-free”!


sales-testi-rose-cLast year I had a few months of serious immune issues where I was sick and every time I healed I kept getting sick all over again. Eventually, my doctors said they had no idea how to help me. So, I took matters into my own hands and that, thankfully, is when I found the Food Revolution Summit.

I got the Empowerment Package and would play the recordings in the evenings while sitting on the couch. What I learned inspired me to go plant-strong and for the last year I have had excellent health. What’s even more remarkable is that my husband overheard me listening to the recordings and wound up participating in the whole experience with me. Now he has joined me in my food choices –and we didn’t have to struggle about it at all! He just listened and chose on his own. Now I can feel confident in our health decisions, and my husband is fully on board! This also impacts my young daughter’s health and future. Thank you for empowering us and changing the trajectory of our lives!

- Marium Abugasea Heidt, Cortland, NY

My mother’s life was transformed by the Food Revolution Summit. Up until last year, she ate a standard American diet.

She wound up suffering from severe malnutrition, having to undergo the most invasive procedure that can be performed on a human being, and having to stay in intensive care for over two months. But thanks to John and Ocean and the Food Revolution Summits, when she finally got out of the hospital, we knew what my mother needed to eat to regain her health. Now she is back home, eating a more nutritious, low-GMO, whole foods based diet. All my relatives say she looks great. I am so glad that we got my mom back! The lessons of the Food Revolution Summit have impacted my family in the most personal of ways.

- Michael Jansen, Jr., White Bear Lake, MN

I have been a dietitian for 30 years and thought I knew a lot, but I was enlightened by the Food Revolution Summit.

It opened my eyes regarding factory farming, processed food, GMOs, and many other important issues that impact our lives and our world. The way I eat has changed dramatically. I also have a new passion for food policy. I have learned important information that I now share with clients, co-workers friends and family. I have enriched many lives with the terrific education that the summit gave me. Thank you so much

- Maureen Eyerman, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., Waterford, CA

The Food Revolution Summit gave me the information, inspiration and motivation I needed.

The constant pain that I had endured for over 22 months disappeared, and now I am on a new career path and will soon be a health coach. You helped me realize that I could heal myself with food and inspired me to share that information with others. You have changed my life, and I am just getting started.

- Kari Zimmerman, Madison, WI

The Food Revolution Summit gave me the information and inspiration to give up sugar.

The effects on my health were so profound that I created The Sweet Life detox program to help others experience the joys of life without sugar. We’ve seen weight and a wide range of chronic health problems melt away. You’ve shown me that every choice and every person matters. Bless you!

- Carol Corley, Little Rock, AR

Learn from all 24 Visionary speakers. For a special price!


  • Downloads and total lifetime access to all 24 presentations and transcripts.
  • Over $2194+ worth of Bonus Courses, Ebooks, and Tools.

Interviews by John Robbins